The Utopia Repository

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The Utopia Repository is an addons repository for Debian, administered by James Lu. Supported architectures include amd64 (primary target), i386, armhf, and arm64.

Absolutely no warranty is provided for the software in this repository; use at your own risk!

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The following suites exist in The Utopia Repository, but availability varies between OS versions. Please check which sections suit your setup before adding things to sources.list!

Suite sid (unstable) bookworm (stable) bullseye (oldstable)
[EOL 2023-12-31]
main: Free software addons for Debian. For stable releases, this may also include unofficial backports for certain packages. sid/​main bookworm/​main bullseye/​main
meta: This section contains Utopia-branded packages which ship my desktop settings and custom package sets (source). sid/​meta bookworm/​meta bullseye/​meta
imports: Extra packages that are either imported from an external source or not supported well enough (by me) to put in main. This section may include non-free content. sid/​imports bookworm/​imports bullseye/​imports
experimental: Forked packages that may upgrade or replace libraries in Debian. Use with caution - packages here may not work with everything in Debian. experimental/​main N/A N/A
Active maintenance
Maintenance fixes only
EOL or unsupported
Suite unused or not available


This repository works like any other APT repository, and is signed using a PGP key. Both HTTP and verified HTTPS are available.

1) Add the repository to sources.list

I am using and would like the following sections:

2) Install the repository's PGP signing key

Download the latest utopia-keyring package over HTTPS and install it locally:

sudo apt-get install ./utopia-keyring_*_all.deb

Updates to the keyring set will be automatically applied afterwards.

3) Enjoy?!

After adding the repositories of your choice, simply run apt-get update to update your repository cache. Then, you will be able to install packages whichever way you like. (apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, etc.)


Why did I make this?

  1. Simplicity. Instead of adding 5 repositories for the things I commonly use, I only need to add 1.
  2. Convenience. This repository hosts a few meta-packages (utopia-* in main) to make it easier to pull in a working system. (forget selecting 30 individual packages!)
  3. The learning experience. This is pretty self-explanatory. :)


Questions? Feedback? Concerns? Send me an e-mail at james>at<overdrivenetworks>dot<com

Alternatively, you may file an issue against the utopia-packages GitHub repository.