The Utopia Repository

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The Utopia Repository is James Lu's personal APT repository for Debian and Ubuntu. Supported architectures include amd64 (primary target), i386, and arm64.

Absolutely no warranty is provided for the use of any software in this repository; use at your own risk!
All credit goes out to the software's original developers.



The following suites exist in The Utopia Repository, but availability varies between OS versions. Please check which sections suit your setup before adding things to sources.list!

Active maintenance
Extended bug fixes only
Some feature updates
EOL or unsupported
Coming soon/temp. unavailable
Suite not available
Suite sid (unstable) buster (testing) stretch (stable) jessie (oldstable) bionic (18.04) xenial (16.04)
main: Free software addons for Debian and Ubuntu. For stable releases, unofficial backports are also included. This section also includes Utopia-branded packages containing my desktop settings and custom package sets (meta-packages). sid/main stretch/main jessie/main
[EOL 2018-02-28]
bionic/main xenial/main
[EOL 2018-08-06]
imports: Extra packages that are either mirrored from an external source or not supported well enough (by me) to put in main. This section also includes any contrib and non-free content. sid/imports stretch/imports jessie/imports
[EOL 2018-02-28]
bionic/imports N/A
forks: Forked / modified packages that intend to replace the versions available in Debian or Ubuntu. Changes for each package vary - see their individual changelogs for more info. sid/forks stretch/forks N/A bionic/forks N/A
nightlies: Automatic nightly builds for certain packages. Nightlies repositories are signed using a different PGP key: 4A4A7B0E6EFB2FD90FD4F58C4A8C96B8EEBB01E6 sid-nightlies stretch-nightlies jessie-nightlies
[EOL 2017-10-31]
experimental: Bleeding edge & testing packages that may upgrade system libraries and thus cause package conflicts. Use with caution! experimental N/A

† Limited support for imports suites


This repository works like any other APT repository or Ubuntu PPA, and is signed using a PGP key. Both HTTP and verified HTTPS are available.

1) Add the repository to sources.list

I am using and would like the following dists:

2) Install the repository's PGP signing key

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-key D5D568B2D34AB32A337944D22EC3F60DE71C0B9D

3) Install the utopia-keyring package (optional)

To keep the signing keys in sync via apt in case of updates, you can install the utopia-keyring package from the main section of most release repositories (e.g. sid/main).

4) Enjoy?!

After adding the repositories of your choice, simply run apt-get update to update your repository cache. Then, you will be able to install packages whichever way you like. (apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, etc.)


Why did I make this?

  1. Simplicity. Instead of adding 5 repositories for the things I commonly use, I only need to add 1.
  2. Convenience. This repository hosts a few meta-packages (utopia-* in main) to make it easier to pull in a working system. (forget selecting 30 individual packages!)
  3. The learning experience. This is pretty self-explanatory. :)


Questions? Feedback? Concerns? Send me an e-mail at

Alternatively, you may file an issue against the utopia-packages GitHub repository.